Friday, September 3, 2010

New Blog Post: Another Reason Why Autoblogging and SEO Rule

I lurk on a few forums, and I ran across more than one post stating that
after a recent tweak, the exact match returns for certain keywords on the
Google keyword tool had dropped off by as much as 50%.

Just think about this: You had bought a domain and ran a PPC campaign
based on the exact match phrase for your keyword. You had thought that
there were at least 5,000 searches for your keyword with long competition
and you had really been hammering hard at this keyword for weeks. You
finally get your site in the top five results for the keyword, only to be
frustrated that you aren't getting the traffic you envisioned. You check
the search results again, only to find that there are now less than 1000
searches for that keyword.

Man, that would be worse than a kid finding out there really is no Santa

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